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Manager Roster Requirements

ROSTER - to print the Roster we need:

  • Every player to be registered on the CHA website.
  • All Coaches USAH#'s
  • Manager birthdate.

Please email this list to the Registrar ASAP.

  • Managers must apply for a USA hockey number
  • Managers must also complete the background check every two years at MAHA and print a copy for their book.
  • Managers need to complete the Safesport module every two years and send a copy of the completion certificate to the registrar.
  • Managers need to fill out a Participant Conduct Form ~ available by email request or at Registration.
  • Managers must complete a Medical Waiver Form ~ available at Registration.

PLEASE collect all necessary paperwork from players, coaches and any other managers for BOOK CHECK. After rosters are signed by everyone please email the Registrar to schedule an appointment for the Book Check and scanning to MAHA. 


Managers are responsible for The Book (roster, consent/conduct forms), scheduling games, booking referees, and other aspects of team management per team decision.

Managers (or coaches) do not decide what day or time the team has ice. Your team manager must work with the away team manager with the ice schedules given to them by their respective rinks.

Managers usually welcome extra hands ~ please let your manager know if you can help out in any way.


Scheduling Games

A game is a game is a game - no such thing as a scrimmage. Every game needs refs, a score sheet, and is listed on the game log.

Little Caesars Scheduling

  • Travel Teams - begin scheduling as soon as you have your alignments
  • House Teams - begin scheduling as soon as you have your alignments

League Play Begins

  • 9/23- TRAVEL
  • 9/30 - HOUSE

Little Caesars Registration (register team ONCE) - CHA will pay the fee

  • Travel - August 1st
  • House - August 1st

After teams are registered LC aligns the divisions and will email teams with contact information and alignments.

League Play Ends

  • Travel- January 8th
  • House- January 17th
  • Makeup dates  - restrictions apply/LC Division Director approval required

Little Caesars PlayOffs begin January 14th